Just Another Scarf or a Lesson in Short Rows

I’m on a learning bent of late. I’m doing things for the simple reason of educating myself to new techniques. Maybe it’s a holdover from Stitches West. Maybe it’s the upcoming Fiber Fest in Colorado coming at the end of the week. Probably, it’s just that I find that small projects are really helpful to teach new techniques. Suffice it to say that even though last year was the year I made myself make all new clothes and not buy any, this year I’m making more items overall. More items = more learning.

I’ll post several activities (hopefully!) in short order, but let’s start with my Leftie Scarf. I’ve always wanted to master short rows (though I did rely on them for my Fitted Einstein Coat) and there’s probably no better way to become completely proficient than by making the Leftie scarf by Martina Behm. Each little leaf is a quick exercise in wrap and turns, so by the time you are halfway done, you are a pro!

Today I’m sewing on beads (as I haven’t really mastered beading in place yet). I love how they do two very helpful things. Make use of the ends you create with the colorful rows AND make the leaves a bit pointier. I also add them to the ends to weight them for wearing to keep the scarf in place.

The yarns are both vintage from grandma’s stash. If I could change one thing, I would not have paired the scarlet Melrose Italian Silk with Bernat Carioca. The oatmeal color is nice, but the oatmeal feel is a bit rougher than I hoped it would be.

What are you learning these days?