Serial Knitter or Polyglot?

Do you knit one project at a time or do you feel a bit of unease if you don’t have several projects in the works? Well I’ve just wrapped up another pair of socks—I know, HUGE surprise, but more on that next time.

I must admit, I prefer multiple projects going at the same time, mainly because if I get stuck, I can simply pick up the other one. And since I’m always messing with patterns or creating new ones, I get stuck a lot!

Over the years being a polymorph has led to a variety of UFOs, but since joining Ravelry in earnest (I joined and then didn’t sign on again for several years), I’ve become quite the finisher. Not only is my stash available to shop, but I can shop others’ stashes as well if I run out of a yarn or dye lot.

Which are you?

When I’m on the mainland, my LYS is Serial Knitters and it hadn’t really set in what that meant until I composed this post.

PS: Here’s a photo of my latest leftie. I had a great time beading it after it was finished–especially the little brass starfish. I’m so happy to have found a neat little bead shop not too far from home called Bird Tail Beads. Yay!

The Surprises of Milan

Most people think of Milan is the “industrial” capital of Italy and they wouldn’t be wrong, The Italian headquarters for my company along with many other US-based tech firms is based there. And while I did manage to avoid “going to work” out of curiosity, I did see a great deal of what makes the city amazing–sites and fabrics.

I’m going to focus on sites first. And then show a few fabrics next time (need photos).

What was sorely lacking from the trip was knit shops and while I found a few here and there, they were either difficult to find, or yarn wasn’t their primary business so I left Italy (happily for my husband) with only the yarn I brought with me–which was, as usual for vacation–more than I needed.

Any vacation plans? Do they include knitting?