OI/IO-The Secret to a Happy Marriage is Snark

It’s been a funny Thanksgiving. For the last month I’ve been traveling all over the place for work. And I knew that I just didn’t have the ability to do more, so I opted out of the family tradition of dinner with the family in Idaho.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
The Biggest Margaritas Ever!

After spending a whole day traveling amongst folks that rarely travel (going to visit family like I normally would be doing), I was beat. I got to Dallas Fort Worth and found I had a long layover, so I paid for a shower and a nap. After all I did get up at 4AM in Mexico City to catch the first leg of my travel.

Then there was the next flight where I spent most the time looking out the window—when I wasn’t messing up my helix jogless knitting hat; which is now a colorful, messy jumble of frogged yarns. First the desert. Then snow, then clouds, the umbra (earth’s shadow) and finally a nearly full moon.

What really got to me was the two-hour drive followed by an hour ferry to the Island. While we were waiting for the ferry I finally got around to applying my Orcas Island sticker (OI) to the back window of my car. When I showed it to my husband he quipped (since I had two) “You should put one on the other side upside down on the opposite side; after all I do feel like I’m married to a volcanic moon most the time.”

I was pretty tired after the drive so it took me a minute to put it together—he meant Jupiter’s moon IO. Ha! Ha!

Anyhow, glad to be home, even if my husband is the snarkmaster. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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