Gray Start to the New Year

I hope everyone’s holiday was great! Mine was a bit shaky to start and maybe that’s why my knitting scheme is distinctly gray.

Cold and Clear in the Puget Sound

Of course, it is always a bit gray in the Puget Sound in January, but in this case I’m referring to my yarn and projects. And oddly the weather is quite lovely, if cold. I’m really enjoying my new camera and the two (!) pancake lenses I got for Christmas, a 25MM and a 40MM for portraits.

Two Pancake Lens for my New Camera
Two Pancake Lens for my New Camera


Treed Quail in Idaho Over Christmas
California Quail Treed by a Cat in Idaho Over Christmas


It’s astounding to me, but it’s only January 10th and already I’m onto my fourth project this year.

Arm Knitted Capelet out of Brucilla's Mega-Bulky in Linen and Charcoal
Arm Knitted Capelet out of Brucilla’s Mega-Bulky in Linen and Charcoal

I’m only in the swatching stage for the latest cast on, so I’ll post photos once it gets further along. My three completed FOs were quickie projects—mainly because I’ve been traveling and needed a portable set of projects. So they are a hat, a hood, and my first arm knitted project, a capelet.

My New Year’s started off pretty good with a lovely gift of yarn from the mother of my husband’s youngest child—who doesn’t seem very young anymore at 14. Katia Royal Silk is a beautiful baby alpaca yarn. I am actively looking for a pattern to show this beautiful yarn to the best advantage.

Nick's youngest daughter bringing in the horses
Nick’s Youngest Daughter Bringing in the Horses in Micanopy, FL.

The trip was fraught with problems—largely due to the fact I’d been constantly traveling up until we were to go and was too exhausted to pay attention to details. So I only found out the trip was six days long (not four as I was told) after we were there and this meant medication, underwear, you name it, were not right in the right supply for the trip.


The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center
The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center
Rocket Booster for Atlantis Shuttle
Rocket Booster for the Atlantis Shuttle

On the bright side, I was able to visit the Kennedy Space Center, which was terrific fun for a space nut like me. My one regret was not arriving earlier and staying longer.

Onto the knitting and new yarn additions to my stash.

Sublime in So Many Ways!
Sublime in So Many Ways!

Last Fall I won a gift certificate to Knitterly from the Woolful blog and picked up some beautiful Sublime baby cashmere, merino, and silk blend in two shades of gray.

Andorra Wrap from O-Wool
Andorra Wrap from O-Wool

The gals at Knitterly helped me find exactly what I wanted and were really lovely when my first selections were out of stock. With this purchase I meant to create some Wurm hats for the fam damily, but when it arrived and realized how soft and beautiful it was, I decided it needed to be something as pretty as it is—I’m still on the hunt for a pattern—but I’m tempted to buy more and knit this Andorra wrap. I’ll need to figure out how to change it to worsted instead of fingering weight.

Gray Wurm out of stashed gray and black wools of unknown origin
Gray Wurm out of stashed gray and black wools of unknown origin

I did knit a gray Wurm, but I used a worsted gray and some leftover black from my stash. I’m sure my nephew will only care that it is wooly and warm.

The hood is for those chilly days on island, but I might send it off to nephew’s girlfriend that inspired me to find a pattern for it. I modified it be a normal rectangle—like the one she’s already got—rather than going with the pattern decreases. If I do it again, I think I’ll use short rows to get rid of the pointiness. When I wear it I feel like a character in Lord of the Rings.

Yoga Hood Inspired by my Nephew's Girlfriend
Yoga Hood Inspired by my Nephew’s Girlfriend

This non-gray item was made from a Christmas gift from last year–a skein of Lion Brand Homespun, which is both pretty and washable. I was happy to see lots of folks on Ravelry had used it for this project–so problem solved on what to do with this lone skein.

How are your projects going this year so far?

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