A Logo — Finally!

Being more technical than artful—an odd thing to say about a crafter, but I’ve always felt it to be the case—I was trying to work with various graphic artists on a logo. Since these folks were also friends, it just never seemed to rise to the top of their “to do” list, even though I was a paying customer.

Well, I finally took it upon myself to create my own. I’d love any feedback you might have!


The Replacement

I love the pattern for the 16 Sixteen Cable Hat by Circé Belles Boucles. And I mean LOVE at first sight atop a colleague’s head at work. What makes it so nice is the cabling is poofy and adds a bit of bulk to my otherwise child-sized, fine-haired head. I knew it would be a great hat for because the person wearing it has similar head issues.

Enter my husband’s youngest, but not smallest daughter. I may be just a little taller and wider than her, but with size 11 shoes and her father’s brain box, at 15 I doubt she’s done growing. She’s slender, but very muscular as well. And the hat? It looked perfect on her.


Coming from Florida, she didn’t bring warm clothes and was constantly saying in the Puget Sound summer, “I’m cold!”, before she and my husband took off for a hike I placed the hat on her head and it looked great. Bye-bye hat. ☹

I had another skein of Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Azul Profundo, so I told myself I could make it again in a matter of hours and it is true I could, but it didn’t fit right. And I really missed that hat—which on chilly nights I would don before bed (though never have it in the AM).

Malabrigo in Azul Profundo. I had the lighter colored one left after knitting the other hat

I followed the directions and finished in four hours flat. The only thing was when I was done it was a bit snug. That’s when I opened up the project on Ravelry and discovered I’d gone up one needle size from the pattern After a month of fighting it, trying to block it I tore it out and took the last few miles of my Eclipse Viewing trip to Oregon to make it a new. And now?

I have MY hat back.