Fool Socks

One might get the idea that I only knit socks these days. Not true! I’ve got another George Hancock on the needles (a merging of Georgetown and Hancock patterns by Hannah Fettig). Since it is for me, it’s been resting for a while. I was finding such variation in Dachshund Tosh DK, that I’m alternating three skeins at a time instead of two each row after I noticed the obvious striping.


And speaking of stripes…

When I was growing up, my father always seemed to love wearing the colors of bright red and blue *together*—particularly in longitudinal stripes. I remember several shirts and even a pair of red-blue striped jeans he wore to threads.

When we visited his parents, his mother used to tell him he looked like a fool—so in my mind, the colors and stripes were linked. I used to think he went out of his way to find striped blue and red pants and shirts just to irritate her. But he’s kept it up (mostly buying bright red shirts to wear with his blue jeans) even after she passed away so it’s clearly a genuine preference.

“Fool socks” were born based on a Vogue Knitting Boot Socks pattern by Ruth Tobacco with added stripes in alternated toes and heels to just give it a bit more tomfoolery.


It was an overnight ship to get them home to Idaho in time for his December 23rd b-day and I’ve knit little else due to my work and teaching load this past Fall. To me they look a bit cat-in-the-hat (like my Dr. Seuss Capelet).

What can I say? We are a crazy lot!

I didn’t have time to snap a picture before I sent the completed pair off to him. Here’s hoping my mom with snap a pic while they are afoot!

Any crazy knitting for the crazy people in your life?

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