About the Author

I’m Kristin Tolle, a ninth generation native Idahoan living on Orcas Island at West Beach in the state of Washington. I’m an avid kayaker, knitter and photographer, not necessarily in that order. My aim is to find a little slice or heaven in the chaos of my mind.

I’ve been a knitter for a very, very long time–since I was very young. It goes back in my family for generations–mostly on the Swiss side of the family (Hunsaker). I love sharing free knitting patterns, those I create and those others share, so come back often to find great things to make.

You can find me: on Instagram at: @Kristin_Tolle, on Twitter @orcasisleknits, and on Facebook as Kris TravelinGal CrispenTolle–a merge of partner’s and my last name and a nod to the blog I used to write on which we met and fell in love.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Kristin, I am looking to connect with you as I have lost a precious hat that I believe was made by you. It is was purchased in an Orcas shop about 2 years ago & I would love to replace it. Is there a way we can connect so I can share a photo of the hat?


    1. Hi Kim, Since have only ‘gifted’ not sold my knitted items (so far) I think you may have confused me with someone else. I haven’t associated an email with this blog (yet) until I have the time to move from a home knitter to a retailer. Hoping to do that soon. Hope you find out who knitted your hat!


  2. Hello–I am a new full-time resident on Orcas Island and am actively looking for a knitting community here to not only participate in, but also foster and grow. I would love to be in contact with someone who could provide some guidance for this.


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