Travel and Knitting–the best of both worlds

I love knitting. I love travel. Put the two things together and you have a recipe for a great time.

After arriving at the San Jose airport I hopped in my rental and beat feet up the road to get to my first class. With no trouble I checked in, hustled to the venue, grabbed my registration and made my way to the first class with Margaret Fisher on Closures. She even debunked crochet for me!

People massing 25 minutes before the doors to the expo opened. You should have seen in right before they did!
People massing 25 minutes before the expo. You should have seen it right before they opened!

As I headed back to my own hotel I saw people massing at the door of the market, someone commented, students get to go in today. Wow! A chance to do the circuit and see everything once, before settling in to do the real shopping. And that’s just what I did—though I’d forgotten my booth listing back at the room.

That’s okay! There will be time for more wandering about in the days ahead.

In brief, SO GLAD TO BE BACK after 10 years away.

Today I’ve got a full day of two stranded knitting. I’ve practiced the continental style I learned on YouTube, since a friend of mine told me it helps with this sort of thing. It makes me feel like I’m knitting with mittens on. That’s why we take classes to learn and that’s my favorite thing to do!!