Too Proud by a Half!

For once a timely sweater!

Just in time for Fall, I finished a Fuchsia Lillian to go over my Fabulous Fitted Fuchsia Funnelneck. And yes, it is a bit matchy matchy, but I love it; one, because I can wear the shell a bit longer, and two, because it is another of my funky modified sweaters—I made it my own.

It hardly resembles the Lillian cardi that it is based on, yet other than changing the stitch pattern it is the same sweater. So it just goes to show how little you have to do in order to create a completely different look.

I did 3×3 rib instead of the garter starting at an empire waistline for the same number of rows as the shell. In the body I only did a little “needle size” shaping. The collar/band is 3×3 ribbing as well, not the 2×2 in the pattern. I also ribbed the sleeves at the same point as the body.  If I were to do it again, I would not use a ribbed band—but have gone with garter or some other stitch because I notice that even the original (as you can see in the photo above) the bottom of the band tends to scrunch up because it is so broad. Maybe after a good blocking it won’t be so bad. Fingers crossed!

The yarn is a vintage cotton/linen blend—Bernat Panama, so it will breathe when the weather is fine and it considerable warmer than wearing the shell alone. In fact, it’s so snuggly, after I finished it I put it on and nodded off to sleep.