What a Week I’m Having!!

Work has been tough lately. I mean it’s always challenging, but lately the kitchen has been getting a really, really hot. All week I’ve been telling myself that I have something to look forward to. Knit Fit Seattle!

Even though I worked super late last night, I stayed up even later to make sure I had all my supplies lined for my classes. I even activated a new credit card, in spite of needing no new yarn whatsoever! In fact, I’ve been debating another donating.

Last night I was sleepy, and many mishaps ensued, including dropping 32 ounces of water into my bureau drawer, but by midnight—I was ready! However, this AM I went to look for the address and see if there was nearby parking (a perennial Seattle nightmare) and on my registration in BIG BOLD LETTERS was the date—November 10-12. *sigh*

I REALLY need a break, so I’m making lemonade. I wound all my remaining Madeline Tosh DK into cakes in anticipation of making another George Hancock (combination of Georgetown and Hancock sweaters in Home and Away) and took photos of my latest FO—a Sixteen Cable hat in mohair.

I hope you are having a great week, or better yet, weekend!

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