What Happened Next

Tonight's Sunset
Tonight’s Sunset
Last Night's Sunset
Last Night’s Sunset

Well, it’s another day in paradise and I thought it would be good to describe what took place with regards to the analysis paralysis I was having last week. Things did not go exactly as planned, but that’s life, no?

What went as expected:

Tropicale and Casablanca went back into hot storage. This is both a nod to the fact that I really want to use them and that it is very hot in Seattle at the moment where my stash lives.

Back to the storage bin!
Back to the storage bin!

I did cast on Robbin Abernathy’s Simply Ribbed Fingerless Mitts for the kayak instructor, but there is trouble in paradise. I first made a swatch, in the round, of the palm and felt that it needed to cover the fingers a bit better—higher up the fingers and a thumb stub rather than a thumbhole. I’m most of the way through one mitt. But as Ianto Jones of Torchwood says, “That’s the thing about gloves…the come in pairs.” WIP #1

What did not go as expected:

Baby soft navy blue yarn
Baby soft navy blue yarn

It surprised me, but I just picked up the frogged Wurm hat. I even tucked it away. But something about it bothered me. So I made a mad dash to Pacific Fabrics for some Debbie Bliss Babymerino to replace the beautiful, but troublesome blue DK. So it’s underway and now oh-so soft. WIP #2

The original blue DK frogged from the Wurm hat will probably be just perfect doubled and made into my first crochet project—as the Little Gadabout Bag by Dot Matthews. I’ve been swatching it and trying to make sure I know all the stitches needed to complete it. I hope to get more help from the fiber group I restarted at work. WIP #3

I brought Leftie up with me to the island this weekend, but I think I’m a bit overwhelmed to start into it until I finish at least one of the three above.

Creating a shorter version of my fingerless Warm Waffle Mitts is on hold as well for the same reason as Leftie. Because with the three above and the pillow cases, I’ve now got four WIPs.

Bye-bye Jayne! A gift to my new intern.
Bye-bye Jayne! A gift to my new intern.

The Valkyrie Yarn & Fibre Jayne I’d earmarked for another Hitchhiker scarf was given to my intern who started this week and admitted she was a knitter within a half hour of meeting me. So this is her WIP this weekend. I already miss the yarn, but the opportunity to teach and share was too good to pass up and there’s just about nothing I love more.

The yarn for Notched Hem Tack from Purl Soho is now tucked in my closet—not out of sight or mind. Though it topped my list of hopefuls, small portable projects are grabbing my attention for the moment and work best for my busy life.