Socked In: Knitting on the Road

I’m beat today. I’ve been on the road for a week and a half and still have a few more days to go on my trip—a full two weeks in transit.

What I’m most embarrassed about is my lack of knitting. I did knit waiting for planes and sitting on them, but when I was at my destinations (DC, Columbus, Amherst and Calgary), I simply couldn’t muster the energy. So my progress on my socks has been quite slow. Perhaps if I’d spent more time knitting than shoe shopping and real key lime pie eating, I’d have gotten farther.

I’m using Socktacular by KnitPicks book as a pattern. And though it was a bit less convenient for travel, it was so worth it to bring it along because there are so many fun choices to make. After much dithering, I selected top-down, afterthought heels with standard toe with a moss rib style.

Because it is a first pair in a long time and the second pair ever, I chose to use a “free” yarn that was gifted to me by the San Juan Fiber Guild,Zitron Trekking XXL Farbenspiel. This way I could experiment on the socks, make whatever errors I might and not care about the cost.

I’m making a one-day stop at home to get a few fresh clothes—but leave again this afternoon. Still I had enough time to drive out to Carnation, WA and get to Tolt Yarn and Wool for a bit of retail therapy. The socks that will come from these Shades of Earth, Dyed in the Wool by Spincycle Yarns in Bellingham, WA will be quite a bit more precious.

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